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FLYCAM 3000 vs FLYCAM 5000 Review

When you shoot video, you canmake your camera film fluid footage with beautiful fly-ins and smooth zooms. All you need is a handheld stabilizer and some practice. Like Flycam tells its customers, these are floating tripods. They can help you make gorgeous shots with almost no shake because they absorb unwanted movements. Let’s look at two Flycam models designed for cameras up to 8 and 11 pounds.

FLYCAM 3000 23”/58cm Professional Handheld Camera Steadycam for DSLR Video Camcorders up to 3.5kg /8lbs | Free YOKO Stabilizer, Quick Release Plate & Storage bag (FLCM-3000-Q)



The Flycam 3000 is a handheld stabilizer for video cameras, camcorders, and DLSRs weighing up to 3.5kg or 8 pounds. If you plan to add on a microphone, large lens, or a light, please consider upgrading to the Flycam 5000 described below.

This stabilizer is a reasonably-priced investment for amateur videographers and semi-professional filmmakers. It comes with a universal quick-release plate so you can switch cameras in seconds.

The body of the Flycam 3000 is made from anodized aluminum so it’s lightweight and resistant to rust. The column extends from 16 to 23 inches in length, so it’s shorter than the Flycam 5000. You can shoot from both high and low angles.

The 3-axis gimbal is capable of 360 degree pans and booming that you can steer with the foam padded handle grip. Both the horizontal and vertical axes move for maximum control. The free weights on the base plate can be adjusted to perfectly balance your camera.

The Flycam 3000 comes with a YOKO stabilizer to further improve your ability to shoot smooth video without wearing yourself out. You can also combine the stabilizer with other accessories from Flycam like the arm brace, body pod, and vest. The stabilizer weighs about 3 pounds by itself or up to 4.85 pounds with all of its weights mounted.

More features of the Flycam 3000 Handheld Video Camera Steadycam:

  • Comes with padded carrying bag
  • Head Plate size 6 x 4.25 x .75 inches
  • Quick-release plate compatible with camera screws of ¼-inch and 3/8-inch
  • Each weight disc weighs 3.35 ounces


FLYCAM 5000 29″/73cm Professional Video Camera Stabilizer for Cameras up to 5kg/11lbs | Handheld Steadycam for DV DSLR Nikon Canon Sony Panasonic | Free Quick Release Plate & Table Clamp (FLCM-5000-Q)



The Flycam 5000 is a video stabilizer for most brands of camcorders and DLSRs weighing up to 11 pounds. It’s ideal if you have a lighter camera but plan to add on a mic or large lens. Flycam recommends this stabilizer for semi-pro videographers.

It’s taller than the Flycam 3000 described above. The center post extends from 21 to 29 inches in height. Other than that and the fact that it can handle more weight, it’s very similar to the Flycam 3000.

It has a 3-axis gimbal that will help you do 360 degree pans and boom work. The ball bearing in the middle of the system makes for smooth adjustments.

It’s constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum so it’s strong and rust-resistant. The foam grip makes it comfortable to hold even in extreme temperatures.

It comes with a universal quick release plate and a YOKO stabilizer as well as free counterweights so you can balance the Flycam perfectly. It weighs about 3 pounds without any weights or camera equipment mounted on it. If you want to combine the Flycam 5000 with an arm brace or a vest to prevent fatigue, it’s compatible.

Some users have commented that they prefer the Flycam to other stabilizers like the Glidecam because it’s light and simple to use (with practice).

More features of the Flycam 5000 Professional Video Camera Stabilizer:

  • Comes with padded carrying bag and a table clamp
  • Head Plate size 7.05 x 4.72x 1.02 inches (larger than the Flycam 3000’s plate)
  • Quick-release plate compatible with camera screws of ¼-inch and 3/8-inch
  • Includes 16 counterweights



If you have a DLSR or camcorder that weighs up to 8 pounds (including microphone, lens, and accessories), the Flycam 3000 will work for you.

If you have a camcorder or DLSR that weighs up to 11 pounds (including mic and other accessories), consider getting the Flycam 5000 since it can support up to that weight limit.


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