Sirui G10X vs G-20X Review

Camera head attachments can greatly impact the type and style of photography and filming that you can accomplish. There are some attachments for your tripod or monopod, that have been designed solely with filming in made, whilst others have been designed for photographers. When it comes to ball head attachments, they can be used by photographers and filmmakers alike. The smooth rotation that they are designed for allows photographers to take beautiful panoramic shots and for filmmakers, there provide a smooth panning ability. Some of the best ball head attachments on the market are the Sirui G10X and Sirui G-20X , but what are the differences between the two ball heads from the same series?

Sirui G-10 G10X
Sirui G-10 G10X
Sirui G-20X
Sirui G-20X









The Sirui G10X

The Sirui G10X was produced using computer aided manufacturing (CAM) so that the tolerances on the ball head are within 0.01mm of a perfect sphere so that you can be certain of smooth and consistent filming and photography when panning. This means that the Sirui G10X has superior performance over other ball heads on the market and allows for reliable operation.

The Sirui G10X is designed to work with 35mmDSLR and other medium sized cameras. The load capacity of the Sirui G10X is up to 39.6lbs which is more than enough to support medium sized camera and lens combinations as well as any other accessories.  There is also a quick release plate on the Siruisg10 that have been forged using an aluminum alloy to make them stronger, which makes them much more durable than quick release plates that have been created using die casting. The quick release system on the Sirui G10X also features a patented safety lock feature to prevent an accidental release.

The Sirui G10X is extremely light, weighing only 10.6 oz and is capable of a front tilt angle of up to 90 degrees as well as having a 360 degree panning dial. The Sirui G10X comes with a separate panning base lock so that you have more control over panning or panoramic shooting.

The Sirui G-20X

The Sirui G-20X  is the next model up in the range from the Sirui G10X. Designed for medium sized cameras and DSLR cameras, the load capacity for the Sirui G-20X  is higher than the Sirui G10X, able to support a weight of 44lbs. The Sirui G-20X  is also heavier than the Sirui G10X, weighing 14.1 oz, but it is still a lot lighter than a lot of other camera heads on the market.

The Sirui G-20X  comes with two bubble levels built into the camera head so that when you are adjusting the position of the camera you can accurately position it. The Sirui G-20X  lets photographers and filmmakers shoot 360 degrees in panning or panoramic settings that has a separate control knob for the panoramic function providing you with more control.

The Sirui G-20X  comes with a quick release plate so that you can remove your camera quickly and easily from the ball head. The quick release plate has read safety stoppers on it to prevent an accidental release when you are using the camera head as well as a plate locking knob. This is a great feature of peace of mind, especially when you are shooting outdoors and have the elements to contend with as well as your camera and accessories.

The Sirui G-20X  has a ball locking knob so that you can secure the camera in the exact position you want the frame set without having to rely on notches or gears to set up your shot. There is also a friction controlled knob on the Sirui G-20X  for fine tuning your camera position. This means that you can get very precise angles as well as the shot that you want, whereas with other designs of camera heads you are limited to the notches or angles that are built into the heads.

Both the Sirui G10X and Sirui G-20X  are Arca-Swiss mounts and come with ¼ inch and 3/8 inch standard mounting screws so that you can attach most camera models to the camera head. A lot of the features between the two units are very similar so it is price that may well be the deciding factor.

The Final Verdict

Though, this being said, the difference in price is not too extreme. For beginners who want to experiment with different camera heads to find out what will work best for them and their style of filming or photography, the Sirui G10X is an excellent unit to test out without having to pay out too much money, and you can always upgrade to a more expensive model if you find that you like it. Those who are looking for a new ball head unit or a camera head for a specific reason with a specific weight capacity might be better served by purchasing the Sirui G-20X .


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