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Datacolor Spyder4pro vs Spyder4Elite

Calibrating photographs and video files can be something of a nightmare, but the datacolorSpyder series provides photographers, perfectionists, videographers and even video editors with color control that can be used with monitors, laptops, projectors, iPads and even iPhones. The only problem that you are left with is trying to decide which to buy – the Spyder4EliteS4EL100 or the Spyder4ProS4P100.


Datacolor Spyder4Pro

Datacolor Spyder4Pro S4P100

The Spyder4Pro has lots of features that make it the ideal light meter for professional photographers to use. This particular color enhancer includes an ambient light sensor that adjusts the display luminance. This 4th generation sensor has an amplified accuracy of round 26% over other color enhancers and is well-matched with LED display screens, CRT monitors, laptops, iPads and iPhones among others.


There is also a simple upgrade package that you can purchase for the Spyder4ProS4P100 that allows you to connect the device to your television and enhance the picture quality and color on your television screen. This Spyder also comes with a Monitor Quality Analysis tool that allows users to fine tune their displays to allow for the maximum control over your color management.


The Spyder4Pro comes with a step-by-step calibration wizard that is designed to help the device users regulate their display, this will easily define the type of display being used, the model and the current calibration system. There are various settings that can be changed when it comes to the calibration to suit your current preference


The ReCal feature is known to be the right type of feature to use if you would like to standardize the display especially if there are some changes that you made to it over time. If you would like a great tool that can work for digital photographs, the Spyder4Pro can be the item to use. The fact that it is also being used by photographers can be helpful too. This device can easily be placed on your display in order to get accurate readings. The other features such as the wide aperture, the honeycomb baffle and the diffuser can be helpful as well.


The Spyder4ProS4P100 is the cheaper of the two models and comes with a standard one year warranty; it an excellent choice for professional photographers, especially for those who need to be able to replicate consistency between prints and what they are working with on their screen.


Datacolor Spyder4Elite

Datacolor Spyder4Elite

The Spyder4Elite uses a single sensor that calibrates the color on your photographs or video clips using colors that cover the full spectrum so that you can duplicate the true-to-life colors you are seeing in real life and not be saddled with muted and even distorted color. Out of the two models, this is the more expensive one, but it does have a few more capabilities than the Spyder4Pro.


This Spyder can be used to calibrate LED, OLED, LCD and CRT displays, meaning that it can be used for a much wider range of machines. Like the Syper4Pro, the Spyder4Elite is a 4th generation Spyder that contains double-shielded color filters which provide closer matches to CIE color standards and as well as providing better stability over a longer term. The accuracy of this Spyder is also 26% better than other models out there and provides 19% better consistency between Spyder units.


The Spyder4Elite also comes with the Fast Recalibration Assistant. This is also known as theReCal feature, which like with the Spyder4Pro, allows you to quickly and easily standardize again your display to make up for changes that have occurred over time.


This unit also has a Monitor Quality Analysis tool. This will allow users to check and further calibaratetheir displays. There are also StudioMatch and SpyderTune features that enable users to fine tune even further on multiple displays in a studio setting.


This particular Spyder unit was designed to be used by not only photographers but by videographers and video editors. It comes with a standard one year warranty and features Spyder’s patented seven-color sensor.


The design of the Spyder4Elite is not dissimilar to the Spyder4Pro, featuring the same three-legged design that allows it to be placed fat on the display. The main reason for this is to ensure that precise readings, as well as a wide aperture, honeycomb baffle and diffuser are designed to help remove angular sensitivity.


With the Spyder4Elite there is greater color management control than with other units. The unit comes with built in presets for video standards PAL and NTSC as well as other formats and provides user with custom workflow settings that allow users unlimited choices when it comes to gamma, white point, white and black luminance, This is especially impressive when the gray balance is used because it can show various shades of gray that people might not have thought to be possible.


The Sypder4Elite units are each individually tuned in the factory to ensure the accuracy of each unit and can easily handle variety of wide and normal gamut displays. It is also able to detect light changes in the surrounding environment, this is because of the built in sensor. The sensor is in charge of adapting the luminescence of images whilst preserving the image contrast.


The Final Verdict

If you are a photographer that is in need of a color calibration tool then the Spyder4Pro will most likely more than meet your needs. If photography is just one element of your capture portfolio, then the Spyder4Elite will better serve your needs.


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